The Catholic Community of
Cape Vincent, Rosiere, and Chaumont

Served by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.
A Religious Community of Priests and Brothers.

History of All Saints Church in Chaumont, N.Y.   ++

All Saints Church of Chaumont Jefferson County N.Y. was incorporated on January 3, 1896. The second Bishop of the diocese, Henry Gabriels, dedicated the church on October 5, 1902. Father Hogan from St. Patrick’s Church in Watertown celebrated the first mass on record in Chaumont in 1868. It was on the occasion of the funeral of a railroad worker. It took place in the house where he boarded. In the following ten years visiting priests held services in various homes throughout the community. In 1877 the Mission of Chaumont was joined with Clayton. At that time, through the kindness of Hiram Copely, mass was said in the Le Ray de Chaumont house and later on in the Dayton Hilts home. In 1895 the Chaumont congregation was joined to the Brownville and Dexter parishes.

On January, 1896, All Saints Church was incorporated under Father J. A. Hagerty and the trustees Joseph Charlebois and Augustus Solar.  The property where the present church stands was purchased from John and Emma Ely on February 17, 1896. It consisted of a house, a shop, and a quarter acre of land on what is now Madison Street. The parishioners volunteered their time to convert the house into a small church. Mass was then offered twice a month on Sundays. Priests served Chaumont from Brownville. As the population was increasing Bishop Joseph H. Conroy decided in 1922 to make Chaumont a parish with Dexter as a Mission.

With the appointment of Father Edward H. Bernier as the first resident pastor of All Saints in 1924, parochial life was greatly enhanced. In 1929, the house adjoining the church property was purchased for use as a rectory. On August 21, 1930, a large portion of the village was destroyed by fire, including the little church. The rebuilding began immediately so that the church was completed on time for the Christmas celebrations that same year.

Father E.J. Pierce who became pastor in 1937 was known for his ecumenical spirit and was much appreciated by both Protestants and Catholics. During the pastorate of Father Edward Burns (1946-1959) the increase of permanent and summer parishioners continued. He purchased a new organ and began fund raising for stained glass windows.

Father Gerald Sharland became pastor of the Chaumont parish in 1959. At that time the Mission of Dexter was joined to Brownville. He was responsible for a number of improvements to the facilities, in particular for the addition to the church of a new parish center dedicated by Bishop Thomas A. Donnellan on June 21, 1964. Since then a number of pastors have contributed to the well being of the parish. More recently Father Michael Gaffney purchased new pews, Father Steven Murray replaced the steeple for the church and put a new roof and new siding on the church and the parish center.

Father Pierre Aubin, MSC, became pastor in 1999. In the years following a new organ was purchased, the inside of the parish center was remodelled and the roof repaired, the church was painted, a new furnace was installed and the rectory got a new roof. After an energy audit, measures were taken to save on heating and lighting.

In 2002, while remaining pastor of Chaumont, Fr. Aubin assumed responsibility for the parish of Cape Vincent and its mission in Rosiere. Early July 2002 he moved to the rectory in Cape Vincent. In 2004, All Saints, St. Vincent of Paul in Cape Vincent and St. Vincent de Paul in Rosiere were merged to become known as the “Catholic Community of Cape Vincent, Rosiere and Chaumont”. That year Sister Anne Hogan, SSJ, was appointed pastoral assistant for the new parish entity and assumed residence in All Saints former rectory. Very involved in the community at large, she was well known for her musical talents and greatly appreciated for her ecumenical outreach and her devotion to the poor, the sick and the shut-ins.  She retired at the Sisters of St. Joseph in Watertown in 2014, but remained active in the parish for a long time.

In 2015 the interior of the parish house was renovated and a new roof installed on the garage.

Edited and updated by Fr. Pierre Aubin, MSC, Pastor                11-14-16